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The goods are delivered to buyers by a fleet consisting of over 30 vehicles with loading capacity from 2,5 to 11t, with different temperature regimes. All vehicles are equipped with GPS devices and organisation, control and monitoring of complete transport and delivery routes is done by means of a contemporary software solution for transport organisation and optimisation. Delivery routing for the complete delivery fleet is done through dynamic routing software (Sky Track, supplier Artronic), system which obtains the data from ERP (SAP), based on which optimal delivery routes are calculated. Dynamic routing system transfers the data about the delivery routes through ERP into the storage operations software WMS Gold where the goods for delivery are then separated. Delivery vehicles are equipped with PDA devices which enable the driver to have a complete overview of all delivery related parameters: route details, overview of bills of lading, delivery task statuses, navigation according to the delivery plan.



Tel: +389 22 581 999